Woman With a Stye

What is a Stye/Chalazion?

A stye or chalazion is a blocked oil gland in the margin of the eyelid. While they do not usually lead to any serious complication, they can cause pain, swelling and tearing. They can become quite large and sometimes even get infected requiring oral antibiotics.

The most common treatment is warm compresses to help open the blocked pore, but sometimes a small surgical procedure needs to be performed in the office to help drain the backed up oils. Patients with recurring styes can be placed on medicine to help prevent their recurrence.

What our patients are saying:

This place ROCKS! I was experiencing a stye on my left eye and called the staff to get some help with care for my eye at home. The staff called me within an hour gave me instructions for taking care of my eye at home. It turned out that I followed her instructions and my problem is resolved. I am very thankful and blessed with the staff of Lakeway Eye.

-Loretta J.